Re: [Vserver] Hard freezes on SMP?

From: Grzegorz Nosek <>
Date: Sat 29 Oct 2005 - 03:13:20 BST
Message-ID: <>

Hello all

2005/10/28, Herbert Poetzl <>:
> yes, definitely, any _oops_ or _stack_ _trace_ issued while a
> linux-vserver kernel is running _is_ interesting and should
> be reported back to the linux-vserver kernel developers ...

Yeah, sorry for my last mail, it was sort of stupid and
incomprehensible :( I have just checked the logs and unfortunately I
don't have the trace any more.

> this is something we fixed in devel recently (two weeks ago?)
> as you said, you are using the gentoo (devel) branch this might
> be related, but still not updated ...

> could be related to, we had a thread and discussion about
> similar effects, once again, this only affects the devel
> branch and is already fixed ...

I was not exactly clear in my last mail, I was using vanilla
kernel with vserver patches ver. 2.1.0-rc2 (I don't know how that
relates to Gentoo as I'm using Debian in general). Now one box is
running with 2.1.0-rc4 SMP (the dual Xeon), the AMD64 is
running UP with 2.1.0-rc2 (will probably try rc4 SMP next week) and we
got a new dual-Xeon HT box (4 logical CPUs) running SMP but
unfortunately I cannot tell which vserver version is running there as
I did not build the kernel. Will ask though. Anyway, that new box is
apparently running rock-stable on permanent load of about 10
(bonnie++, make -j8 kernel builds and httperf banging at the machine,
all within 4 vservers)

> finally here the fix(es) we did :)
> (they are in 2.1.0-rc4)

Thanks a lot, I've applied 2.1.0-rc4 now. BTW, did I miss the
announcement or are they not sent here? Last time I checked, rc2 was
the newest

> as usual, output of would be helpful ...
> (as written on the testing page)

This is from the rc4 kernel but if I reboot the box, I'll check it on rc2 too.

Linux-VServer Test [V0.13] Copyright (C) 2003-2005 H.Poetzl
chcontext is working.
chbind is working.
Linux i686/0.30.208/0.30.208 [Ea] (0)
VCI: 0002:0001 273 03110136

[000]# succeeded.
[001]# succeeded.
[011]# succeeded.
[031]# succeeded.
[101]# succeeded.
[102]# succeeded.
[201]# succeeded.
[202]# succeeded.
> thanks,
> Herbert
Thanks a lot,
 Grzegorz Nosek
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