Re: [Vserver] Can't bind-mount host->guest

From: Bruno <>
Date: Sat 29 Oct 2005 - 19:59:49 BST
Message-Id: <>

On Saturday 29 October 2005 19:53, you wrote:
> Hello.
> I also have same question.
> How to do a mount to vserver namespace?
> I suppose that current vserver gets per-ctx namespace and this requires
> special mount command. If so, what is the command?.
> For example, assume the vserver I am using is 100,
> [Host]# mount -o bind /home/okajima /vserver/100/home/okajima
> [Host]# ls -la /vserver/100/home/okajima
> [ something come. This is okay.]
> [Vserver]# ls -la /home/okajima
> [ nothing comes This is NOT okay.]
> [Vserver]# mount -o bind /bin /mnt
> [Vserver]$ ls -la /mnt
> [ Nothing comes.]
> [Vserver]$ cat /proc/mounts
> [ /bin->/mnt stuff is not printed.]
> [Host]# zcat /boot/initrd.gz > /vserver/100/diskimage
> [Vserver]# mount -o loop diskimage /mnt
> [Vserver]$ ls -la /mnt
> [ Nothing comes.]
> Tell me the command to do a bind mount!.
Mounts across namespaces do not work the following way.

The only mounts I got to work are non-bind mounts (device/network)
vnamespace -e 13 mount -n src /vservers/veserver/target -t nfs

Note: -n is to avoid the mount polluting the host's mtab, and mount must also
be installed in guest. (No need for mount rights on guest at least for nfs)
Works for me with util-vserver-0.30.205-r1 and 2.0 kernel patches


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