Re: [Vserver] vserver-new reports a guest exists when it does not

From: Benedikt Boehm <>
Date: Mon 31 Oct 2005 - 21:40:42 GMT
Message-Id: <>

On Monday 31 October 2005 19:08, Chuck wrote:
> this is on a gentoo system.
> i am trying to create a guest called support. i created the mount point
> in /vservers, it is mounted and a clear, empty volume. i run this command
> and get this result:
> phoenix vservers # vserver-new support --hostname support --context 3920
> --interface eth3: template
> /work/guest-stuff/template.tar.bz2 * Existing vserver installation found.
> Try --destroy

vserver-new can handle mount points, just add --destroy and it will
umount/mount the defice automagically... (you have to specify destroy here,
because vserver-new can't decide if the mount point is fresh or already
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