[Vserver] radlinux 0.2.7 announce

From: Peter V. Saveliev <peet_at_peet.spb.ru>
Date: Mon 14 Nov 2005 - 12:27:51 GMT
Message-ID: <14525.>


Hello. Some months earlier :) I wrote about VServer-based distro. Now I can announce version 0.2.7.

Short description: RAD GNU/Linux is a gateway solution, but can be used as a hosting platform or as a supervising system to run one or more secured context.

Network capabilities: PPPoE, PPTP (with MPPE/MPPC), DHCP, 802.1Q, interface bridging with STP, advanced traffic shaping, and so on

VServer-related capabilities: RAD GNU/Linux uses VServer as a primary mechanism to manage system services. Each RAD GNU/Linux' standard service runs in its own security context within its own namespace and unions over /etc and /var. Also there is a possibility to run virtual servers that can be used for hosting or to supply necessary services, not included in the RAD distro by default (Squid etc.)

Hosting capabilities: safe contexts are used, w/o abilities to mount smth or to setup interfaces. RAD GNU/Linux' config supports limits including cpu scheduler. There are utilities (see docs) to manage disk quotas within virtual servers from the main system.

Documents: http://www.radlinux.org/parts/docs . If there are smbdy to help me to proofread docs, this help will be very appreciated, cause English is not my primary language.


Peter V. Saveliev
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