Re: [Vserver] Hosting Vserver's on CODA or Lustre Distributed File Systems?

From: Tor Rune Skoglund <>
Date: Mon 14 Nov 2005 - 21:11:43 GMT
Message-id: <>


Mandag 14 november 2005 17:42, skrev EKC:
> I have a group of nine Linux boxes each running several Vservers. Each
> Vserver is a self-contained webhost with Apache, MySQL, Qmail, etc...
> The Vserver "images" on each machine reside on the local hard disk.
> There are no network shares (AFS, etc...)
> Needless to say, it is becoming increasingly difficult to backup the
> Vservers. I am also concerned about redundancy and failover. Having
> the Vserver images all spread out is also an administrative pain. I am
> not using RAID and would like to use some sort of distributed
> data-store for the Vserver "images".

This is surely an interesting subject. I have a similar situation,
although we have "only" three vserver hosts so far. Backup is a
problem. The newest server run on a hot-swappable RAID5 3ware controller,
so we have 3 disk and 500 GB available. Totally we have drives of nearly
1TB on the three servers. Backup is basically done just by
copying the files to another backupserver by cron on each host.
This is not a long-term solution as open files (for example MySQL
database files) might not be correct or not even readable at the
time of backup. Also, backing up this way takes quite some time.

I have no experience with Lustre or CODA, so I cannot comment your
points there. However, LVM has the possibility to make a consistent
snapshot of a filesystem in realtime. Backing up the snapshot to
another server would then be a solution.(?) LVM+drdb+hardware RAID5
could be the final solution to the uptime demands we are facing.

Anyone would like to comment? Why are you people using as backup
policy for your vservers?

Best regards,
Tor Rune Skoglund
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