Re: [Vserver] gentoo guest wont start up or find anything after failed emerge

From: Grzegorz Nosek <>
Date: Thu 24 Nov 2005 - 22:38:40 GMT
Message-ID: <>


2005/11/24, Chuck <>:
> > You should be able to run ldconfig inside the chroot as it's (at least
> > on some ancient box I'm looking at right now) statically linked, so
> > try:
> >
> > chroot /vservers/davin ldconfig -v
> >
> > Also compare your /lib directories on the host and the guest.
> the guest cannot execute any files at all. nor can it find them even with the
> proper path given. if i just knew what could have happened within the emerge
> of a binary program for this to occur..... it was working fine before this
> and nothing had been installed/changed in approx month before this.
> eron davin # chroot /vservers/davin /sbin/ldconfig -v
> chroot: cannot run command `/sbin/ldconfig': No such file or directory

Have a try with (from host)
ldconfig -v -r /vservers/davin

> it cant find bash it cant find ls it cant access anything. same behavior as
> when the guest was 'alive' before i stopped it. stopping it was error prone
> too since it could not execute shutdown. it simply has lost the ability to
> execute anything or find anything..

If you don't have libc installed in the guest, none of the standard
binaries will run even if the proper /bin/bash, /bin/ls etc. binaries
are in place. Do you have some statically linked shell handy? sash,
busybox maybe?

> i tried comparing the libs but that seems useless too in a way since the host
> and guest are vastly different in what is installed. the host is a full
> featured workstation with literally hundreds of applications installed while
> the guest is a minimal remote desktop server. ill try to make lists and
> diff them and see what happens..

Well, comparing /usr/lib on two vastly different systems is usually
pointless. The basic stuff lives in /lib and should look mostly the
same for all systems (with minor differences between distros). Your
system should be able to boot without /usr at all (so that includes

For comparison purposes, here's a listing of /lib on one of my
vservers (debian 3.1 basically).

v824:/# ls /lib -F
iptables/* lsb/ modules/ security/* tls/

HTH and sorry for the ugly copy-paste :)

Best regards,
 Grzegorz Nosek
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