Re: [Vserver] linux-vrf

From: Peter V. Saveliev <>
Date: Fri 25 Nov 2005 - 08:22:14 GMT
Message-ID: <>

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Hello all. I found an interesting project --

The latest linux-vrf patch is for 2.6.8. Now I'm trying to adapt this patch to 2.6.12 + vserver, and I see that some code in both vserver and linux-vrf is written for similar tasks.

My question is to the vserver devel team: would you try to look at the linux-vrf patch and add its functionality to vserver? Linux-vrf does the same with network flows that vserver does with processes. So, chvrf can completely supplement (if not supersede) chbind.

For example, two processes, chbind'ed to one ipaddr, can communicate each other. But two processes, chvrf'ed to separate vrf domains, cannot do this except via external network routes or VPN tunnels (even being bind()'ed to the same ipaddr!).

Peter V. Saveliev
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