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From: Rik Bobbaers <>
Date: Tue 06 Dec 2005 - 15:02:37 GMT
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On Tuesday 06 December 2005 15:45, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> Any counter-comments, from a VServer strengths point of view?

i'll try to get some points together here... i'm not an experienced user of
vserver, but i have some remarks here...

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> My view of subject is definitely biased towards OpenVZ, but still: there
> are areas where OpenVZ is definitely more developed than VServer. Let me
> concentrate on three of these.
> First is stability. By sticking to old (currently 2.6.8) kernel and
> backporting all the bug fixes, security fixes and hardware driver
> updates, we make OpenVZ kernel very stable. We do a lot of kernel
> testing in house, including stress testing.

stable: yes, secure... well... as far as possible, BUT!
multipath using devicemapper in their kernel? almost impossible, unless the
backported that entirely from 2.6.13 (of some 2.6.12 rcX)
a lot of other enhancements in 2.6.8+ kernels... it's for a reason that
kernels get updated, you know...

> Second is resource management. There are a lot of resources that can be
> abused from inside VServer guest or OpenVZ VPS, leading to at least DoS;
> some of those resources are not under control of traditional UNIX means
> such as ulimit. In OpenVZ we have User Beancounters (UBC for short),
> which accounts and limits about 20 of such resources (including IPC
> objects, various kernel buffers etc).

there is a decent resource management in vserver too... it's not easy at all
to dos an entire vserver. (you have rlimits map for every vserver if you
want, where you can choose what the limits are)

> Third is virtualized network stack. AFAIK VServer's ngnet is not yet
> ready for prime time yet, while OpenVZ's venet is here. Without fully
> virtualized network stack people are experiencing problems like this one:

there are sollutions to this BIND problem (check the manual(s))

further... i don't know about any other advantages/disadvantages...

anyone??? ;)

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