Re: [Vserver] When to mount lvm? (vs2.0)

From: Enrico Scholz <>
Date: Tue 13 Dec 2005 - 15:03:26 GMT
Message-ID: <> (Lars Braeuer) writes:

> I'm not sure where to mount an LVM2 device with vs2.0. I do
> not want to mount it on system boot, but when starting the
> guest vserver.
> The fstab file in the vserver config directory seems to be the right place.
> But when including an entry like this in the fstab file, the mount
> won't show up in the hostsystem and will not be accessible via the
> mount point in the /vservers directory:
> /dev/mapper/vg-test01 / ext3 defaults 1 2

I would recommend to do physical mounting in the host's /etc/fstab
and bind-mount it in the vserver's fstab. E.g.

| [/etc/fstab]
| /dev/mapper/vg-test01 /srv/mnt/test01 ext3 defaults 1 2

| [/etc/vservers/.../fstab
| /srv/mnt/test01 / none bind

This gives the advantage that the partition will be fsck'ed
during the regularly system boot and that you can share it
between multiple vservers ('mount' is allowed only once per
physical partition but you can 'mount --bind' multiple times).

> But I'm able to enter the vserver with "vserver test01 enter",
> weird.

Expected namespace behaviour...


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