Re: [Vserver] Wiki : HowTo graph vserver usage with cacti

From: eyck <>
Date: Sat 17 Dec 2005 - 11:47:38 GMT
Message-ID: <>

> - cpu usage
> - memory usage
> - network/bandwidth information
> - hard disk usage
 those are all easy enough to do, what would be VERY interesting is to
 graph IO operations per vhost.

> which it seems i can already do). currently, i am using munin [1], which gives
> together as a group, it seems. cacti has been recommended tho, and i don't know
 cacti is very flaky, but if you're accustomed to running other php apps,
you probably won't mind that. If not - prepare yourself for loosing graph
or two..or a dozen for no particular reason etc..

 What cacti is good at, is graphing large amount of hosts, if you're graphing
10-30 virtual servers munin is way better, but when your IP count goes to
~100 and more, cacti starts showing it's advantages.

 With munin it's fairly trivial to add some new variable to watch for, with
cacti it's a bit more complicated (which is OK for larger environments)

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