Re: [Vserver] Wiki : HowTo graph vserver usage with cacti

From: GarconDuMonde <>
Date: Sat 17 Dec 2005 - 11:16:07 GMT
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>> 2005/12/16, Herbert Poetzl <>:
>>> in general, if there is real interest, and folks (at
>>> least 3 parties) are volunteering to test and add the
>>> required userspace tools/interfaces, please contact me
>>> with a wish list (i.e. what kind of information you
>>> would like to monitor) and we can probably get an
>>> implementation done ... (of course, funding such
>>> features migh be an alternative too :)

> Grzegorz Nosek wrote:
>> Count me in for testing :)
>> My wishes for vserver monitoring include:
>> - loadavg and cpu% (somewhat faster than parsing /proc/virtual/*)
>> - network traffic (again, somewhat faster than iptables stats, a'la
>> /proc/net/dev maybe)
>> - reliable memory usage (current implementation apparently doesn't
>> account for shared memory, like libraries)
>> - disk i/o
>> - process-related stuff, like fork rate might be useful (ideally
>> per-user but that'd be quite an overhead probably)

Matt Gorecki wrote:
> I would be interested in all of the above. Particularly in network
> traffic, memory usage and cpu utilization.

and me too! basically, will have a production environment of greater than 1
physical host and many vserver guests with which it would be great to be able to
achieve some kind of balance across the physical hosts of the vservers,
appropriate to their capabilities. i guess that, in particular, the interest
would be:

        - cpu usage
        - memory usage
        - network/bandwidth information
        - hard disk usage

all of these on a per-vserver basis (as well as monitoring the physical host,
which it seems i can already do). currently, i am using munin [1], which gives
good reports based on the physical host and also on all the vservers bunched
together as a group, it seems. cacti has been recommended tho, and i don't know
how they compare but first glances at the cacti[2] site seem encouraging.


in summary, be great to have more monitoring info available, i work in a
production environment predominantly so testing may be limited, but i might be
able to get together a test box to use as well to help with this.

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