Re: [Vserver] Wiki : HowTo graph vserver usage with cacti

From: Matt Gorecki <>
Date: Fri 16 Dec 2005 - 19:50:11 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Grzegorz Nosek wrote:

>2005/12/16, Herbert Poetzl <>:
>>in general, if there is real interest, and folks (at
>>least 3 parties) are volunteering to test and add the
>>required userspace tools/interfaces, please contact me
>>with a wish list (i.e. what kind of information you
>>would like to monitor) and we can probably get an
>>implementation done ... (of course, funding such
>>features migh be an alternative too :)
>Count me in for testing :)
>My wishes for vserver monitoring include:
>- loadavg and cpu% (somewhat faster than parsing /proc/virtual/*)
>- network traffic (again, somewhat faster than iptables stats, a'la
>/proc/net/dev maybe)
>- reliable memory usage (current implementation apparently doesn't
>account for shared memory, like libraries)
>- disk i/o
>- process-related stuff, like fork rate might be useful (ideally
>per-user but that'd be quite an overhead probably)
>Also (although not a monitoring issue and actually not vserver-related
>really but maybe somebody has a patch handy), I'd love to see per-user
>rlimits (the PAM-enforced ones are really per-login, so e.g. apache
>doesn't obey them at all).
I would be interested in all of the above. Particularly in network
traffic, memory usage and cpu utilization.

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