RE: [Vserver] Trying to create vserver on logical volume fails....

From: Brian Ipsen <>
Date: Sat 04 Mar 2006 - 09:06:09 GMT
Message-ID: <>


> > I've created my own repo with Whitebox Enterprise Linux 4 -
> > but when trying to add a vserver (for which a logical volume
> > has been created and mounted in /vservers/vsrv01-mysql)
> > I get this error:
> > ...
> > | error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/bin/X11;42dd8791:
> Caused by a bug in rpm. You will need a similar 'initpre'
> script like those of FC4 and other RH variants.

Initpre scripts etc created... Now I get:

# ./vserver-build -m yum -n vsrv01-apache --hostname
--interface vsrv01-mysql=eth0: -- -d wbel4
/usr/lib/util-vserver/functions: line 206: -n: command not found

# ./vserver-build -m yum -n vsrv01-apache --force --hostname --interface vsrv01-mysql=eth0: -- -d
mv: cannot move `/etc/vservers/.defaults/vdirbase/vsrv01-apache' to
`/etc/vservers/.defaults/vdirbase/vsrv01-apache.~1141462908~': Device or
resource busy

And still no access towards the repository ... I wonder why it fails on the
'-n' parameter ?

I've tried to remove the '-' in the name specified (vsrv01-apache) - then it
seems to be able to accept the input parameters.... Is this a bug ? Is it
not allowed to include '-' in the vserver name ?

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