[Vserver] vserver plugin for collectd

From: Sebastian Harl <sh_at_tokkee.org>
Date: Mon 13 Mar 2006 - 00:40:11 GMT
Message-ID: <20060313004011.GI7646@albany.tokkee.org>

Hi folks,

This e-mail also goes to the linux-vserver mailing list.

For those of you who don't know collectd (probably most guys on the
linux-vserver mailing list ;-), please have a look at
http://verplant.org/collectd/. In short, "collectd is a small daemon which
collects system information every 10 seconds and writes the results in an

Tonight, I've written a plugin that collects the system ressources used by
VServers (http://linux-vserver.org/). So far, the following data is collected:

       VServer socket msg. accounting (vserver-<xid>/socket.rrd)

  This is the in- and outgoing traffic for the listed protocols. Should be
  pretty self-explanatory.

       VServer threads (vserver-<xid>/threads.rrd)

  Count of threads in the VServers.

       VServer load (vserver-<xid>/load.rrd)

  System load of the VServers.

       VServer processes (vserver-<xid>/processes.rrd)

  Count of processes running in the VServers.

       VServer memory usage (vserver-<xid>/memory.rrd)

  Memory usage of the VServers:
    - vm is the virtual memory
    - vml is locked memory
    - rss (resident set size) is the real physical RAM used
    - anon (anonymous memory) is "memory not backed by any file"

All data is read from /proc/virtual. See
http://linux-vserver.org/HowTo+Read+ProcFS for details. Special thanks goes to
the #vserver IRC channel and especially Bertl and daniel_hozac for their help.

This is somewhat to be regarded as a first draft - I guess, there are still
some things that can be improved or fixed. Beta testers and feedback is very
appreciated. The plugin is available from the subversion repository


Sebastian "tokkee" Harl
GnuPG-ID: 0x8501C7FC

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