[Vserver] Iptables NAT & vservers

From: Marc Kalberer <Marc.Kalberer_at_programmers.ch>
Date: Mon 13 Mar 2006 - 15:57:10 GMT
Message-ID: <44159656.1090007@programmers.ch>

I tried to setup a subnetwork using several vservers.

- host system is connected to internet
- several guest in a different subnetwork on it.
- the host has the normal eth0 interface and a "virtual" tap0 one.
- host can see and connect both network.

Now the "problem" is :
- from outside I have several subdomain test.example.com,
test2.example.com pointing on the guest ip.

and base on the name I would like to redirect de incoming connection too
the corresponding guest.
iptables is suppose to handle the -d <hostname>

(host is

-A PREROUTING -p tcp -m tcp -d test.example.com -j DNAT --to-destination

... what's wrong with my approach, I didn't succeed to make it work.

Any Idea ?


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