[Vserver] How best to unhashify

From: Tony Lewis <gnutered_at_yahoo.com.au>
Date: Mon 13 Mar 2006 - 22:58:50 GMT
Message-ID: <4415F92A.9020403@yahoo.com.au>

With reckless abandon, I vhashified a couple of vserver Ubuntu guests
with no exclusions. Now I find that upgrading is a problem. These
vservers are just for fun, so no harm done, but I'm curious as to the
best way to unhashify, should a mistake be made.

Would it be:

for each file in /vservers/.hash
    for all files in /vservers/* (except /vservers/.hash) with the same
       cp the file, preserving username, perms, timestamp, to a temp file
       rm the file
       mv the copied file to the original file
    remove the file in /vservers/.hash

Or is there a more elegant way?

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