Re: [Vserver] debian guest under fedora core 4 errors messages

From: jean-marc pouchoulon <>
Date: Fri 17 Mar 2006 - 08:42:20 GMT
Message-ID: <>
Daniel Kraft wrote:
Hi Jean-Marc!
Hi Daniel and thanks.
That's ok
last point on vserver enter

mesg: /dev/pts/1: Operation not permitted

I found this answer
1133720616 M * robig on entering an vserer a message like mesg: /dev/pts/1: Operation not permitted apperars, can this be a problem?
1133720648 M * daniel_hozac it shouldn't be. if it is, just use ssh to enter the vserver.

a better one ?
thanks again

Cleaning up ifupdown...done.
Deactivating swap...umount: none: not found
umount: /tmp: must be superuser to umount
Not superuser.
Unmounting local filesystems...umount: none: not found
umount: /tmp: must be superuser to umount
umount: /dev/hdv1: not found
umount: /: must be superuser to umount

Saving the System Clock time to the Hardware Clock...
hwclock is unable to get I/O port access:  the iopl(3) call failed.
Hardware Clock updated to Fri Mar 17 07:17:18 UTC 2006.

cd /vservers/$NAME/etc/

rm rc0.d/K20makedev rc0.d/ rc0.d/S30urandom rc0.d/
rm rc0.d/S35networking rc0.d/S36ifupdown rc0.d/S40umountfs rc0.d/S90halt
rm rc6.d/K20makedev rc6.d/ rc6.d/S30urandom rc6.d/
rm rc6.d/S35networking rc6.d/S36ifupdown rc6.d/S40umountfs rc6.d/S90reboot
rm rcS.d/ rcS.d/ rcS.d/
rm rcS.d/ rcS.d/ rcS.d/S02mountvirtfs
rm rcS.d/ rcS.d/ rcS.d/S36mountvirtfs
rm rcS.d/ rcS.d/S18ifupdown-clean rcS.d/
rm rc2.d/S20makedev rc2.d/S11klogd



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