[Vserver] Anybody patched grsec+vserver for 2.6.16 yet?

From: Wolfgang Hennerbichler <wogri_at_wogri.com>
Date: Wed 22 Mar 2006 - 10:26:40 GMT
Message-Id: <E0BE6719-4921-4A2F-8224-E059A29A1189@wogri.com>


I seem to have some problems with 2.1.0 development version for
vserver - bind stalled as mysql did, in the mean time several times
(never logs anything, just stops responding). I'm using this kernel:, because I got the patch from http://
harry.ulyssis.org/vserver/. I think I might give an updated version a
try (I'd prefer the stable version of vserver, but I didn't find one
that was merged with grsecurity). I am a bad c-programmer, that's why
I can't do it on my own (I've tried, but this led to some weird
things in the kernel :))

Thanks for your help;

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