[Vserver] kernel 2.6 - vserver2 DNOTIFY not working?

From: Wolfgang Hennerbichler <wogri_at_wogri.com>
Date: Tue 28 Mar 2006 - 22:41:08 BST
Message-Id: <532E8E21-553A-482F-BB3F-04F5A1C18A07@wogri.com>

Hi Group!

I'm using famd within a vserver (in combination with courier-imap
this can push a notification to e-mail clients when new mail is
arriving). It was working perfectly under linux 2.4-vs1. On 2.6-vs2
(more precise: 2.6.16-vs2.0.2-rc14) this doesn't seem to work
anymore. What is needed is the kernel's DNOTIFY Feature. Do I need to
enable this somehow through bcapabilities, or might this be a bug?

thanks for a reply;

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