[Vserver] another sendfile issue? (2.6.16-vs2.0.2-rc13) [scanned]

From: Veit Wahlich <cru_at_zodia.de>
Date: Wed 29 Mar 2006 - 13:01:54 BST
Message-Id: <1143633714.3990.17.camel@instructor.e.de.wahlich.com>

Hi list,

today I ran into another sendfile issue, I suppose:

While tracking down the problem why CentOS' Apache inside a vserver does
not deliver certain files directly via HTTP but always via HTTPS (this
really affected only some graphics files!), I did a strace -f on httpd
which completely crashed the system. This seemed to be a hard crash as
the system was unpingable and the panic=1 kernel cmd parameter did not
reboot it.

I am not willing to try reproducing this as the affected machine is
remote and costs reboot fees, but this may be a starting point for

BTW: Apache runs just fine after setting "EnableSendfile off". This
could be a candidate for the "Does not run out of the box" applications
list, if sendfile virtualization problems persist.

// Veit

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