Re: [vserver] Ubuntu Vserver Kernel

From: PÁSZTOR György <>
Date: Sun 25 Nov 2007 - 13:22:55 GMT
Message-ID: <>


"Herbert Poetzl" <> írta 2007-11-25 11:02-kor:
> and provide some feedback ... but definitely somebody
> should become an official ubuntu maintainer then ...
> (at least official from our side :)
What are the criterias for this task if someone would volunteer?
I had never programmed kernel before. But, as my patch shows, I'm lucky,
or know C well enough :-)
If we need, I can create a signed apt repo for this, or If it's official,
maybe it should be somewhere in the project's web-space, signed with the
project's gpg key.

But I have build machines only for i386 and amd64 arch's for binary
packages, what will happen with the ppc releases?

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