Re: [vserver] Three network configuration

From: Oliver Welter <>
Date: Wed 02 Jan 2008 - 16:32:56 GMT
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Hi Rod,

> Has anyone configured a Linux-Vserver with three NICs to three different
> networks?
> Two WANs and one LAN. The guests will need to access at least one and
> possibly two or three of the networks. All traffic needs to go back out
> the same interface it came in on.
I am successfully running such a setup. The only issue you have to care
about is routing of outgoing connections if your default gateway of the
host is not reachable from inside the guest.
You can use "ip" tools to set source based routing rules, here is an
excerpt of mine:

 $IP route add 82.x.x.0/25 dev vlan3 table 103
 $IP route add default via 82.x.x.1 dev vlan3 table 103
 $IP rule add from 82.x.x.0/25 table 103

I put this into an init script.


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