Re: [vserver] Three network configuration

From: Roderick A. Anderson <>
Date: Thu 03 Jan 2008 - 23:39:33 GMT
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Oliver Welter wrote:
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> Hi Rod,
>> Has anyone configured a Linux-Vserver with three NICs to three different
>> networks?
>> Two WANs and one LAN. The guests will need to access at least one and
>> possibly two or three of the networks. All traffic needs to go back out
>> the same interface it came in on.
> I am successfully running such a setup. The only issue you have to care
> about is routing of outgoing connections if your default gateway of the
> host is not reachable from inside the guest.
> You can use "ip" tools to set source based routing rules, here is an
> excerpt of mine:
> $IP route add 82.x.x.0/25 dev vlan3 table 103
> $IP route add default via 82.x.x.1 dev vlan3 table 103
> $IP rule add from 82.x.x.0/25 table 103
> I put this into an init script.

Thanks. I _have_ been down this path but never with a good map or
directions. :-)

Redhat/Fedora/CentOS all have a ifup-/ifdown-routes scripts. Problem is
they are poorly documented. Looking at the one on my CentOS 5 system
there are labels; ADDRESS, GATEWAY, NETMASK; and code blocks for route,
rule, etc. but no documentation.

This all looks familiar (he types with eyes downcast) from a list thread
in September 2006.

I'm going hunting for the Redhat (CentOS) pages on this and try again.

Thanks for the hint.


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