Re: [vserver] Segfault on shuting down new gentoo guest

From: Oliver Welter <>
Date: Tue 08 Jan 2008 - 14:18:02 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Herbert Poetzl wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 07, 2008 at 08:05:54AM +0100, Oliver Welter wrote:
> Hi List, Hollow,
> I installed a new guest from scratch using the stage4 tarbal from
> Hollows Website. The clean tarball works fine.
> I now ran "emerge -u system", as baselayout was updated, too, I reran
> the initpost script also. Server starts and works fine, but I get this
> on shutdown:
> # vserver test stop
> /usr/lib/util-vserver/vserver.stop: line 85: 8580
> Speicherzugriffsfehler "${NICE_CMD[@]}" "${CHBIND_CMD[@]}" "$_VTAG"
> --migrate "${OPTS_VTAG_ENTER[@]}" --silent -- $_VCONTEXT $SILENT_OPT
> --migrate --chroot --xid "$S_CONTEXT" -- "${INITCMD_STOP[@]}"
> A timeout occured while waiting for the vserver to finish and it will
> be killed by sending a SIGKILL signal. The following process list
> might be useful for finding out the reason of this behavior:
> Any ideas?
>> as usual, please add the output of
>> and/or provide the kernel/patch/userspace versions

Sorry, guest is, as stated, a stage4 from hollow with all packages
updated by "emerge -u world". As it ran before and there are other
guests running find on the same host I assume that something inside the
guest segfaults. I have only syslog-ng running inside the guest.


 Kernel: 2.6.20-vs2.2.0-gentoo
                   VS-API: 0x00020200
             util-vserver: 0.30.214; Sep 30 2007, 00:17:12

                       CC: i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc, i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc
(GCC) 4.1.2 (Gentoo 4.1.2 p1.0.1)
                      CXX: i686-pc-linux-gnu-g++, i686-pc-linux-gnu-g++
(GCC) 4.1.2 (Gentoo 4.1.2 p1.0.1)
                 CPPFLAGS: ''
                   CFLAGS: '-O3 -march=pentium4 -fomit-frame-pointer
-std=c99 -Wall -pedantic -W -funit-at-a-time'
                 CXXFLAGS: '-O3 -march=pentium4 -fomit-frame-pointer
-ansi -Wall -pedantic -W -fmessage-length=0 -funit-at-a-time'
               build/host: i686-pc-linux-gnu/i686-pc-linux-gnu
             Use dietlibc: yes
       Build C++ programs: no (affected: vbuild, vcheck)
       Build C99 programs: yes
           Available APIs: v13,net,v21,v22,v23,netv2
            ext2fs Source: e2fsprogs
    syscall(2) invocation: alternative
      vserver(2) syscall#: 273/glibc

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Received on Tue Jan 8 14:18:23 2008
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