[vserver] Quota problem kernel 2.6.20 vs

From: Olav Schwering <osch_at_talk4fun.de>
Date: Wed 09 Jan 2008 - 08:13:22 GMT
Message-ID: <47848222.9080007@talk4fun.de>

Hello all,

try get the quota working on my brand new gentoo build but had no
success sofar :-(

Build a default host with gentoo vserver-sources 2.2.0-r1 and enabled
quota settings in kernel. After reboot I made some test on the host on
my ext3 partition I wanna use for my vserver guest. Sofar so good...

Now I build a guest and entered the following commands:

> >e2fsck -p /dev/partition
> >mount /dev/partition /vserver/vs1
> >rm -f /vservers/vs1/dev/hdv1
> >vrsetup /dev/vroot1 /dev/partition
> >cp -fa /dev/vroot1 /vservers/vs1/dev/hdv1
> >echo "quota_ctl" >>/etc/vservers/vs1/ccapabilities
> >echo "dev/hdv1 / ufs rw,usrquota,grpquota 0 0"
>> >>/etc/vservers/vs1/apps/init/mtab
> >vserver vs1 start
> >vserver vs1 enter
vs1>quotacheck -maugv -> build the usual quota files
vs1>quotaon -va returned -> "Invalid argument"

Tried it multiple ways and time, using a LVM or harddrive partition etc.
It doesn't matter what I'm doing it fails :-(

Anyone out there who has it working and can give me some input what I'm
doing wrong?

Thanks in advanced

Received on Wed Jan 9 08:18:18 2008

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