Re: [vserver] Trying to understand vserver memory

From: Belinda Lawson <>
Date: Thu 24 Jan 2008 - 22:11:42 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Hi, Dallas. Thanks for your reply. I am currently trying to set my soft
limit to 256 (65536 pages?) and my hard limit to 512 (131072 pages?) and I
am finding that the documentation says that I should be able to do that
using files like this:

soft limit in a file called rss
hard limit in a file called rss.hard

However, in this case, only my hard limit is being honored when I restart my
vserver. Does that make any sense? Perhaps I missed something. I can
successfully go back and set it with the vlimit command after the vserver
starts, but the files aren't doing what I would expect on startup.

Thanks again,

On Jan 24, 2008 10:16 AM, Dallas Kashuba <> wrote:

> Here's my understanding:
> If you want 256M of ram and 256M of swap, you want to set rss soft
> limit to 256MB and rss hard limit to 512MB (the sum of both ram and
> swap). We also set the as limits adequately high.
> Hopefully that helps,
> Dallas
> On Jan 23, 2008, at 10:15 PM, Belinda Lawson wrote:
> > Hi, I need a bit of help understanding how memory management works
> > inside a vserver. My problem is that I would like to mimic the
> > behavior of a unix system with 256M ram and 256M swap. I have read
> > the documentation on the wiki, but I am still not certain how to
> > mimic the behavior of swap.
> >
> > In my experiments, if I set the rss hard limit to 256M to reflect
> > the physical ram, it begins to kill processes (somewhat randomly?)
> > if more than 256M is requested, rather than allow swap to be used.
> > In fact, I never see swap used at all, which is very strange since
> > `free` reports that swap does exist inside the vserver. Could you
> > help me understand how I can adjust the rss and as limits to get
> > behavior more in line with my goal?
> >
> > Thanks, in advance, for any enlightenment you can provide.
> >
> > Best regards,
> > -Belinda
Received on Thu Jan 24 22:11:57 2008

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