[vserver] "free" command inside vserver

From: Belinda Lawson <briffee_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri 25 Jan 2008 - 14:56:09 GMT
Message-ID: <b614bdaa0801250656p76ca9b30h6fd52dfc6796103c@mail.gmail.com>

Hello again,

Does anyone know why the free command inside the vserver does not report the
actual size of the vserver? It reports the size of the machine's physical
ram, not the limits of the vserver.

How, then, can my processes inside the vserver know what the memory limit?
What are they looking at to determine the amount of available memory?

I'm a bit frustrated with this right now. Do the maintainers of this
software read this list? If so, I'd be very grateful to hear from them on
my issues.

Thanks much,
Received on Fri Jan 25 14:56:32 2008

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