[vserver] Routing problem in Debian

From: Olivier BATARD <obatard_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue 12 Jan 2010 - 15:11:17 GMT
Message-ID: <676e6cfe1001120711p1b9f6053he266b8d57cf907e@mail.gmail.com>


We're trying to build a vserver infrastructure on Debian Lenny with
following parameter :

OS :

 - One host with the kernel 2.6.26 / Debian lenny with the debian tools
 - 3 guests, each one runs on a logical volume in reiserfs

Network :

- 2 Vlan, one for the the lan, one for the dmz
- some guests's ip are one the dmz, some on the lan
- on the hosts we have an /etc/interface with two interfaces with bonding
(balance-rr mode)
- Vlan have been set up in the network configuration, each guest interfaces
as bond0.vlan as device.

Here's my problem,

On a dmz guest, when I run a ip route show, I see the routes of the host, so
a route to the lan ... which is not good for security ...

What is the best solution to isolate the guest and controlling routing ? . I
googled it and I found some answers by using ip route with alternate
table ... Is it the best and easiest solution now ? How can I set up that
correctly in Debian ?

Thanks by advance ...
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