Re: [vserver] Routing problem in Debian

From: Laurent Spagnol <>
Date: Tue 12 Jan 2010 - 22:56:09 GMT
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Message de Olivier BATARD <>:

> Hello,
> We're trying to build a vserver infrastructure on Debian Lenny with
> following parameter :
> OS :
> - One host with the kernel 2.6.26 / Debian lenny
The usage of the Lenny Kernel is not a good idea.

  with the debian tools
> - 3 guests, each one runs on a logical volume in reiserfs
> Network :
> - 2 Vlan, one for the the lan, one for the dmz
> - some guests's ip are one the dmz, some on the lan
> - on the hosts we have an /etc/interface with two interfaces with bonding
> (balance-rr mode)
> - Vlan have been set up in the network configuration, each guest interfaces
> as bond0.vlan as device.
> Here's my problem,
> On a dmz guest, when I run a ip route show, I see the routes of the host, so
> a route to the lan ...
Linux-Vserver doesn't virtualize the network layer, so all the routes
are seen by all the guests.

  which is not good for security ...
I think it's not really a problem. You can use iptables on the host
side for isolating your networks.

> What is the best solution to isolate the guest and controlling routing ? . I
> googled it and I found some answers by using ip route with alternate
> table ...
Sure. I use 802.1Q VLANs and alternate routing tables.

  Is it the best and easiest solution now ?
In my opinion, it is the most simplest and cleanest way to do that.

  How can I set up that
> correctly in Debian ?
The solution is not specific to Debian.

An example:
vconfig add eth0 7
ip rule add from table 7
ip route add dev eth0.7 table 7
ip route add default via table 7
echo eth0.7 > /etc/vservers/vs_7/interfaces/0/dev
echo > /etc/vservers/vs_7/interfaces/0/ip

Google => "presentation-vserver.odp" for the full example.

But the author has forgotten two details:
- a routing table can be enabled only when at less one IP is available
on the matching network
- you must force "automatic promotion of secondary addresses to primary"
echo "net.ipv4.conf.all.promote_secondaries=1">>/etc/sysctl.conf

In fact, i wrote a script that handle routes during the start sequence
of the Vservers.

An example is available here:

You can get some ideas here for firewalling:
My old ugly scripts are available here:



> Thanks by advance ...

Laurent Spagnol
Administrateur système Linux
CRI - Université de Reims
Campus du Moulin de la Housse
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