Re: [vserver] vServer Build mysteriously cleaning up existing runlevel (method "template")

From: Lars Bräuer <>
Date: Wed 18 Sep 2013 - 20:08:18 BST
Message-ID: <>

Thanks to the both of you Daniel and Herbert.

Not specifying -d debian makes sense.

Herbert: There is actually no debian directory in /etc/vservers/.distributions/ and .common has no
scripts. Do you mean to override the default post-install scripts by simply setting up a debian

Best regards,


On 18.09.2013 20:44, Daniel Hokka Zakrisson wrote:
> Hi,
> Lars Bräuer wrote:
>> Hello,
>> we roll out some vServers with the vserver build template function:
>> vserver <name> build --context <num> --hostname <name> --interface <ip> \ -m template -- -t
>> <tarball> -d debian
> If you have a tarball that is configured the way you like it, you shouldn't specify a
> distribution. That way, no post install script will be run, and you are responsible for running
> it before.
> Best regards, Daniel
>> The tarball contains an /etc/rc2.d directory with a few services preinstalled.
>> vserver build uses the tarball leaving nothing but these two files in /etc/rc2.d:
>> S01rsyslog -> ../init.d/rsyslog S03rc.local -> ../init.d/rc.local
>> Why would vserver build clean up the runlevel and delete all other links? While all the
>> preinstalled scripts have runlevel 2 set as "Default start" in the LSB header.
>> I couldn't find an option to change this and I also didn't find something searching through
>> /usr/lib/util-vserver/vserver-build*
>> Any hints?
>> Best regards
>> Lars
Received on Wed Sep 18 20:08:25 2013

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