Re: [vserver] linux 3.10.4[123] and patch-3.10.40-vs2.3.6.8.diff

From: Ben Green <>
Date: Thu 12 Jun 2014 - 20:17:03 BST
Message-ID: <>

Quoting Corey Wright <>:

> i'm still going to keep on doing what i'm doing, so i don't really care (just
> perturbed by the individuals asking for updated patches, but ignoring my
> contribution and not offering compensation to Herbert.)

Have done a quick search I see you mostly patch 3.10. Is that right?
In the repositories I do have 3.10 kernels, but they are not a focus
for me. There have been issues reported with 3.10, but so far as I can
see no code to demostrate exactly what they are, still, I have doubt
on the 3.10 kernel as a long term deployment option. The situation
will get more urgent as Debian Jessie approaches release, and I'll be
looking at finding a stable, but more recent, kernel to deploy. Until
then 3.10 does not interest me as much as 3.2 and 3.4 on which many of
use have built our systems.

I would be happy to have a separate kernel package to test patches
with, giving it a different name to the beng kernels, but I would be
unable to update it too frequently, but I would need to following
things in order to make this practical: the presence of the patch,
documented as to its use, consistently named, on a web site somewhere.
I know you already post this information to the mailing list, but I
need to be able to go to central store of information that I can have
a look at, see what's available and set off some compilation.

Sorry if its a weak offer. I'm incredibly busy at the moment.

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