Re: [vserver] linux 3.10.4[123] and patch-3.10.40-vs2.3.6.8.diff

From: Corey Wright <>
Date: Fri 13 Jun 2014 - 02:07:41 BST
Message-Id: <>

On Thu, 12 Jun 2014 20:17:03 +0100
Ben Green <> wrote:

> Quoting Corey Wright <>:
> > i'm still going to keep on doing what i'm doing, so i don't really care (just
> > perturbed by the individuals asking for updated patches, but ignoring my
> > contribution and not offering compensation to Herbert.)
> Have done a quick search I see you mostly patch 3.10. Is that right?

yes, i have standardized on 3.10.x, so that is all i have patched out of

> In the repositories I do have 3.10 kernels, but they are not a focus
> for me. There have been issues reported with 3.10, but so far as I can
> see no code to demostrate exactly what they are, still, I have doubt
> on the 3.10 kernel as a long term deployment option. The situation
> will get more urgent as Debian Jessie approaches release, and I'll be
> looking at finding a stable, but more recent, kernel to deploy. Until
> then 3.10 does not interest me as much as 3.2 and 3.4 on which many of
> use have built our systems.

i would be willing to update linux-vserver patches to newer 3.2.x and 3.4.x
updates if i knew it would benefit the community (ie someone would use it).
if people are going to insist on "officially" updated patches, then i won't
waste my time and effort and they can find some way to motivate herbert to
update faster. if people, like florian, will test and use the "unofficially"
updated patches, then i'll do it.

> I would be happy to have a separate kernel package to test patches
> with, giving it a different name to the beng kernels, but I would be
> unable to update it too frequently,

if your frequency is low enough (eg weeks or months), then you can probably
just use herbert's updated kernel patches and you'll never notice that they
sometimes lag upstream releases by a few days to a few weeks.

> but I would need to following
> things in order to make this practical: the presence of the patch,
> documented as to its use, consistently named, on a web site somewhere.
> I know you already post this information to the mailing list, but I
> need to be able to go to central store of information that I can have
> a look at, see what's available and set off some compilation.

i send it to the mailing list because that frees me from the responsibility
of distributing/hosting the patch (ie somebody else runs the mailing list and
several people host mailing list archives).

> Sorry if its a weak offer. I'm incredibly busy at the moment.

i can't/won't judge if it's a "weak offer" because you're the only one in the
community providing linux-vserver kernel packages and i'm just as "incredibly

> Cheers,
> Ben


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