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From: Jacques Gelinas (jack_at_solucorp.qc.ca)
Date: Sat 08 Feb 2003 - 15:32:59 GMT

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003 16:50:04 -0500, Mark Lawrence wrote
> I have seen quite a few messages from people saying how easy it is to
> simply copy a virtual server from one root host to another. While trivial
> to do manually I have sometimes found it annoying to have to remember the
> flags to rsync so that it doesn't cross filesystems, or have forgotten to
> copy the config file across or whatever.

> Since I haven't seen anybody else post such a thing I wrote a script which
> I call "vcp" (attached) to do just that. Someone might find it useful -
> feedback and/or enhancements are welcome. If it is useful enough to lots
> of people then perhaps it will be picked up by Jacques...

I will put it in the distribution. I will call it vserver-copy.

There is one issue. It did not work for me :-(

You are using ssh to check if the target dhost/vserver is running

but you are using rsync over rsh to perform the copy. On most machine
rsh is not enabled/installed. So the copy failed without much explanation.

I suggest it does the copy using ssh by default and have an option
to use rsh.

What do you think ?

Something I would like to see in this script is vfile. Copying a whole
vserver takes some time when in fact, potentially most of it is already
available. Using vfiles, you can get the list of all file different from a reference
vserver (potentially different) and copy just that. Then on the target, you can

The vcp script would accept a -r argument, which is the reference vserver.
The script would check that both the source and the target host have
such a vserver and would use vfile at one end and vunify at the other

Anyway, just give your tought about rsh/ssh issue and I will see if I can
bolt vfiles.


Jacques Gelinas <jack_at_solucorp.qc.ca>
vserver: run general purpose virtual servers on one box, full speed!

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