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From: Sam Vilain (sam_at_vilain.net)
Date: Fri 21 Feb 2003 - 04:38:20 GMT

Linux Kernel Crash Debugging (lkcd.sourceforge.net) would be the best
thing. This dumps the kernel into swap on the event of most crashes; a
startup script can then copy the kernel image from swap before it gets
allocated for programs to use.

However, it seems that the patch for the stable tree has only been
maintained to 2.4.18! It's been on my todo list to get a grip on how this
all works for some time, as it is the primary method that large vendors
such as Sun use to track down kernel bugs. So far I haven't had the time.

I've found 20 minutes to port the patch to 2.4.20ctx-16 for you; however I
don't have the time to test it right now :-}. So fingers crossed that it
works. There was only one part of the merging where I wasn't 100% sure of
how to merge though, in main.c; but I think the worst case would be a
slightly truncated dump.

Temporarily at:


This should hopefully save the kernel snapshot on a crash; you might want
to have a good read on the lkcd home page (lkcd.sourceforge.net) to see
how to get the dumped images out of swap on reboot.

Good luck,

On Fri, 21 Feb 2003 15:24, Dinesh Mistry wrote:
> I have been running 2.4.20ctx-16 successfully for about 1month and now
> all of a sudden the system now has begun to kernel panic every few
> hours. I was wondering if there was a way to capture what is happening
> so I can post it here any someone may be able to help figure out what's
> going on. I do not have access to the console of the server since it is
> co-located elsewhere, anyone have any suggestions?
> Thanks
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