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From: Martin List-Petersen (martin_at_list-petersen.dk)
Date: Fri 25 Jul 2003 - 09:24:14 BST

Damn you are fast.

I've just compiled 2.4.22-pre7 with the following addons:
- ctx17a
- acpi20030714
- custom DSDT table patch
- creative soundblaster audigy drivers
- broadcom bcm5705 drivers
- freeswan 2.01

There is also a version w/o ipsec. If somebody is interested in the kernel for
Debian, i've prepared Debian packages, however, you should fetch the source
packages and recompile it for your needs, because the image is purely optimized
for AMD Athlon MP.
Packages are here:

To get ctx17a running, you will need the vserver 0.23 utils.

How far are you with packaging these ?

I've had problems compiling the 0.23 utils. It came up with an
vutil.o(.eh_frame+0x12): undefined reference to `__gxx_personality_v0'.
Seems like it tries to compile vutil.o with gcc on Debian.

Replacing all gcc calls incorporating vutil.o in the Makefile with g++ fixed my

Is this intended or what compiler are you using ?

Martin List-Petersen
martin at list-petersen dot dk

Madness has no purpose.  Or reason.  But it may have a goal.
                -- Spock, "The Alternative Factor", stardate 3088.7

Citat Herbert P÷tzl <herbert_at_13thfloor.at>:

> > Hi All! > > patches rediffed for 2.4.22-pre8, nothing incredibly > new but some small fixes (in 2.4.22-pre8 not ctx ;) > > I decided to make ctx17 and ctx17a patches until > Jacques releases ctx18 ... and I would not recommend > using the jacques-ctx17.diff.bz2 patch because it > seems to break something in udp.c ... > > http://www.13thfloor.at/VServer/Patches.shtml > > enjoy, > Herbert > >

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