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From: Peter Choynowski (pkc_at_scs.carleton.ca)
Date: Wed 27 Aug 2003 - 18:35:08 BST

I have looked through archives and can't see any answers to my problem -
I hope someone can help as it is driving me nuts :)

On a system with 2 interfaces, running 2.4.20ctx-17 (RH8.0) , when I run
named 9.2.1 I get the following error:

[root_at_vserver:dns /]named -g -u named
Aug 27 13:22:47.554 starting BIND 9.2.1 -g -u named
Aug 27 13:22:47.554 using 1 CPU
Aug 27 13:22:47.560 loading configuration from '/etc/named.conf'
Aug 27 13:22:47.564 no IPv6 interfaces found
Aug 27 13:22:47.564 ifiter_ioctl.c:218: REQUIRE(iter->pos < (unsigned
int) iter->ifc.ifc_len) failed
Aug 27 13:22:47.564 exiting (due to assertion failure)

I run named under strace, but does not show any obvious reasons for the
failure. I commented most things in named.conf with no luck.

I looked at the sources for bind 9.2.0 ( don't have 9.2.1 handy ) and
see the following:

 * Get information about the current interface to iter->current.
 * If successful, return ISC_R_SUCCESS.
 * If the interface has an unsupported address family, or if
 * some operation on it fails, return ISC_R_IGNORE to make
 * the higher-level iterator code ignore it.

static isc_result_t
internal_current(isc_interfaceiter_t *iter) {
        struct lifreq *ifrp;
        struct lifreq lifreq;
        int family;
        char strbuf[ISC_STRERRORSIZE];

        REQUIRE (iter->pos < (unsigned int) iter->ifc.lifc_len); <<<<
this is failing in vserver

I have added capabilities to the config file, I played with the
IPROOTDEV setting with no luck. I have IPROOT, IPROOTMASK and
IPROOTBCAST commented out ie. they are set by the vserver from
IPROOTDEV. I hope someone has seen this as it might be a big task for
me trying to understand all the bind sources and figure out why the
assertion is failing - any ideas welcomed.


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