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From: Charles Dale (bug_at_aphid.net)
Date: Tue 18 Nov 2003 - 13:10:46 GMT

Hi Everyone,

The recent Christmas joviality spurred me into some doc writing. I started a
bit of reorganisation at good ol' linux-vserver.org.

I've created a Step-by-Step Guide. It's rather malnourished at the moment
(no it's not as simple as it might seem!), but remember that, unlike at the
zoo, you're welcome to feed it:

Also I've added a News section to the main page. It would be nice if this
could not take up so much page real estate but the Wiki isn't so flexible on

Also I've created an "Examples" page. This is where you can help! Please add
details of how _you_ use vservers - VDS/security/backup/coffee/whatever:

This will hopefully get people excited about the various possibilities.

In terms of site organisation I think we should aim towards a 3-way split:

1. Users - New
2. - Current
3. Developers

New users need:

* Project overview (quick introduction)
* Examples of vservers in action
* Step-by-Step VServer Setup Guide (goes through everything required to get
a functioning vserver)
* Links to getting further help

Users need:

* Release news, changelogs, download links
* Links/documentation on extra features like per-context quota & disk limits
* Man pages for the tools (or not?)
* Explanation of the vserver patch (maybe this is for developers)

Developers need:

(everything that users need, plus:)
* Their own area to discuss stuff (Syscall switch, todo lists).
* I don't know, I'm not a developer!

Most of these elements are coming together. We need to (1) fill out the
current docs, then (2) fit everything together nice and cleanly.

That's enough for tonight, goodnight!
Chuck =)

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