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From: raoul bhatia (r.bhatia_at_ipax.tk)
Date: Thu 15 Jan 2004 - 23:54:54 GMT

Jason Kent wrote:

> For those of you who read my previous inquiry I've
> decided to go with 0.26 instead of 0.27 or 0.29.
> So far I've downloaded vserver-0.26.src.tar.gz to my
> Debian(woody) box and I have a partition (/vservers)
> where I will be running my vservers. I have
> accomplished this feit before but lost my HDD and all
> the instructions I had on the setup/install.
> Previously I used the install-pre.sh, -post.sh and
> -fix.sh files but cannot remember how I got it work. I
> have tried to install this setup but end up screwing
> my initial console and sending my box into a never
> ending rebooting sequence where I am unable to recover
> it and have to start over from the debian
> installation. I am trying to show my bosses (who are
> dead against using Open Source solutions) the benifits
> of using Linux and other Open Source products to
> accomplish what they think only Microsoft can do. All
> I ask is that someone send me some instructions on
> howto setup using the install-***.sh files or even a
> link that will point me to a helpful site.
> .. Thanks .. Jae

i run the current devel series (2.4.24-ck1-xfs-vs1.3.4). but i use
enrico's tool (util-vserver-0.27.tar.bz2) so i cannot help you in this

i too suggest, that you visit the irc channel and maybe write a short
howto as you progress and succeed. that would be a great help for
others, struggeling with the same problem!

best regards,
raoul bhatia

raoul bhatia                              email.    r.bhatia_at_ipax.tk
cto - chief technology officer            web.    http://www.ipax.tk
ipax.tk                                   irc.      #ipax (quakenet)
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