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From: Chris Wilson (chris_at_netservers.co.uk)
Date: Thu 15 Apr 2004 - 15:26:38 BST

Hi Cathy,

> > are you 100% sure that this isn't some hidden
> > arp table flushing / router not routing issue?
> I had similar problems (similarly affecting only the vserver IPs, not the
> master server) that coincided with a router upgrade in the data center. I
> second Herbert's suggestion to check the router. :) HTH.

I will, but I definitely observed repeated incoming ARP requests for an IP
that I thought was configured on the server, although I neglected to
capture evidence. The addresses had not previously been assigned, so I
don't think there could be an ARP table entry to flush, and having
restarted the vservers it once again became possible to access them
without any changes to the firewall.

I will investigate further when I can afford potential downtime,
and capture a tcpdump and the output of "ip link show", "ip route show"
and "arp -n" to prove that the machine is not responding to ARPs. Is there
anything else I should capture?

Is it possible that "vserver X stop" does not always take down the right

Cheers, Chris.

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