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From: Chris Wilson (chris_at_netservers.co.uk)
Date: Thu 15 Apr 2004 - 17:18:56 BST

Hi Herbert,

> > Is it possible that "vserver X stop" does not always take down the right
> > interface?
> yes, under yet unknown circumstances, it happens
> that the vserver tools (or the ip/ifconfig utility)
> creates the alias as primary IP, in which case a
> vserver down (for this alias) will take down the
> entire interface (which is the right thing to do
> for primary ip addrs, which should not be used by
> vserver tools) ...

Yes, that is exactly what happened. Thomas was exactly right with his
explanation, which is that when the vservers are in a different subnet to
the main server, the first vserver to come up gets a non-secondary
address, with the results that you describe.

> this can cause other servers to become disfunctional
> after a vserver stop (which you didn't mention ;)

Well, I did say that I restarted a vserver, I assumed that a vserver stop
was implicit in that :-)

> you can verify such a mis-configuration with
> ip addr show on the host, which should only list secondary aliases for
> the vservers IPs ...

I did, I saw that vservers did indeed have primary addresses, and I fixed
it by moving the master server into the same subnet as all the vservers,
restarting networking, and then entering each vserver to get it to
recreate its addresses (I also had to stop the vservers that already had
primary addresses, before restarting networking, to stop them from keeping
their addresses across the restart).

Thanks guys! I think that's solved the problem.

Cheers, Chris.

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