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From: Christian Mayrhuber (christian.mayrhuber_at_gmx.net)
Date: Tue 20 Apr 2004 - 16:17:14 BST

On Tuesday 20 April 2004 16:26, David Amiel wrote:
> Thank you for your,
> drdb could be the beginning of the solution, I'll have a look.
> Now I need VRRP between the servers, and/or a mechanism to move on services
> between the 2 vservers (via mon ?).
> Does Ip implementation of vservers support such mecanisms ?
> David

I've found this howto, using the heartbeat package from the linux-ha project.

It should be quite simple to do a failover with a vserver, if you have the
same configuration.

Put your VSERVER_ROOT on drbd, or some other replication mechanism.
Call "vserver XXXXX start" on the standby system if the heartbeat to
XXXXX fails and send some notification to the admin.

If you are using debian, you can experiment with:
# apt-get install -t unstable drbd drbd-source heartbeat util-vserver
I'd suggest to use the the vserver-1.27 kernel patches from
and 2.4.26 from kernel.org.
You have to build your own kernel with the drbd module in drbd-source and the
vserver patch.

Hopefully, you will not get any rejects.

If you want to use reiserfs you should apply the data logging patches from
chris mason from
prior to the vserver patch. If not, I'd suggest to use ext3, which does
data=ordered by default.

lg, Chris
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