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From: Enrico Scholz (enrico.scholz_at_informatik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Date: Thu 27 May 2004 - 13:20:38 BST

mike.fischer_at_ipsi.fraunhofer.de (Mike Fischer) writes:

> I've already got some vservers up and running nicely.
> (Kernel 2.4.22, vserver 1.00, utils 0.25)

Mmmh... these are very old version and lots of security leaks have been
fixed in the meantime.

> I found Enrico's speech-slides which tell me that the vserver script
> has lots of nice switches. But neither the manpage

The slides are mainly about the next-generation tools (see
http://www.linux-vserver.org/index.php?page=alpha+util-vserver). The
man-pages are outdated and are not an authoritive information source at
the moment.

> nor the script's help has anything to say about these.

'--help' of the vserver 0.29.214 script should tell a lot...

> Where do I start looking or where Do I start writing documentation?

The important reference-documentation about the configuration scheme
is available in an abstract XML format (see doc/configuration.xml).
Stylesheets for more human readable formats are welcome (afaik,
Olivier Poitrey is already working on a DocBook stylesheet but I do
not know the state).

Else, as said, the man-pages are out-of-date and do not reflect the
current state. But I am not sure if I want to stay at manually written
man-pages, or if they should be written in DocBook.

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