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From: Jon Bendtsen (jon_at_kollegiegaarden.dk)
Date: Wed 16 Jun 2004 - 17:14:40 BST

Den 16. jun 2004, kl. 18:06, skrev Martin List-Petersen:

> I've discussed this issue with Herbert and others before.
> Allready now we have spamassassin, denial of html mails, denial of
> posts, that don't have the mailinglist in To: or Cc:, virusscan and
> various other stuff in place on the mailinglist server and you wouldn't
> believe how much spam actually ends up to be managed by the moderator +
> what spamassassin allready takes.
> I have suggested, that I could implement a whitelisting option that
> looks like this:
> - All subscribers to the mailinglist are automatic whitelistet.
> - "+" as a delimiter would be taken care of, meaning if you use one
> time email addresses like martin+20040616_at_mydomain.top the frontend
> would search for martin_at_mydomain.top in the whitelist.
> - Everybody who is not in the whitelist will get a mail to confirm hos
> post, once confirmed (either by reply or url) the mail is send to the
> mailinglist
> - Mails not confirmed within 7 days will be discarded automatically.
> - Mails where the mailinglist name not is in either To: or Cc: will
> allways be discarded.
> I haven't yet got any feedback if that would be acceptible or not

i like it.


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