Re: [Vserver] Probs after update world in Gentoo Guest

From: Chuck <>
Date: Sat 29 Oct 2005 - 12:19:34 BST
Message-Id: <>

On Saturday 29 October 2005 06:40 am, Oliver Welter wrote:

> Hi Chuck,
> >>1) I build a new guest from scratch using "vserver-new" with a stage3
> >>tarball from your website, afterwards I did an "emerge -u world".
> >>Running etc-update tries to replaced /etc/inittab with a version taht
> >>contains tty entries - no good ida I think...
> >
> > did you first run emerge metadata and check the world file to be sure the
> > standard baselayout is replaced with the vserver one in the listing? it
> errgh - metadate: no, but emerge -u world -vp shows
> "baselayout-vserver-1.12.0_pre8-r2", now, after the update
> emerge -s baselayout:
> * sys-apps/baselayout-vserver
> Latest version available: 1.12.0_pre8-r2
> Latest version installed: 1.12.0_pre8-r2
> So this is right....
> > there were some start/stop issues with earlier tools on gentoo. -r4 is the
> > first one to work properly with their fixes for it. i just installed -r5
> > which seems to be working well once i figure out what i dont have
> > correctly when using depends.
> ok perhaps it as just this...I pray for it...I have now running a not so
> critical server with the new layout but it will become a catastrophe if
> I once migrated my prodcution systems :)

here is what i am running in production on 2 machines

i use a vanilla kernel with the vserver patch.
i found that for me, i get better performance out of the vanilla kernels than
i do the gentoo-patched ones.. guess my system is weird is all. :)

tools: util-vserver-0.30.208-r5

guest base layout: baselayout-vserver-1.11.13-r1

i was running 1.12.0_pre8-r2 on other machines with no problem, but the above
one came with the p3 stage 3 i made my template from so i stuck with it since
that has the fixes needed in it too. on my personal workstation im running
the 1.12 series vserver baselayout in my remote desktop guest.

i just checked and my init has no tty entries either so something must have
gotten mixed up.. i would seriously suggest re-emerging the
baselayout-vserver in the guest and see what it does. just be sure there are
no ._cfg* files laying around first so it would be a clean emerge.

there was a start/stop issue using the util-vserver -r4 init script which was
fixed in -r5.

the -r4 vservers initscript gave errors something like this, at least for me
it did...

on start

eron ~ # /etc/init.d/vservers start
chdir(): No such file or directory
chdir(): No such file or directory
 * Unhiding /proc entries ...
[ ok ]
 * Starting vservers of type 'default' ...
Davin starting
[ ok ]

on stopping:

eron ~ # /etc/init.d/vservers stop
 * Stopping all types of vservers ...
[ ok ]
 * Checking for vservers still running ...
vuname: vc_xidopt2xid("/proc/virtual/3883"): No such file or directory
basename: too few arguments
Try `basename --help' for more information.
 * Hiding /proc entries ...
chdir(): No such file or directory
chdir(): No such file or directory

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