[Vserver] Xorg in a vserver running on a headless host

From: Marcel Gsteiger <Marcel.Gsteiger_at_milprog.ch>
Date: Wed 09 Nov 2005 - 11:19:35 GMT
Message-Id: <s371e95e.093@milprog1.milprog.ch>

Hi all

I am running vservers on a headless fc4-x86_64 (the "real" server runs
at runlevel 3).

My idea was to install a "virtual graphical desktop environment" (using
gnome) in the virtual server, then let the users access this system
remotely using FreeNX.

Currently I am at the stage of bringing Xorg to life on my virtual
server, but I'm still not there. Xvfb starts and listens on port 6000,
but I can't get gnome to work. Do I have to install the Xorg components
on the main server too? Did anybody else already try out this setup?
Just in case I'm trying to reinvent the wheel...


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