Re: [Vserver] Xorg in a vserver running on a headless host

From: Chuck <>
Date: Wed 09 Nov 2005 - 11:58:16 GMT
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On Wednesday 09 November 2005 06:19 am, Marcel Gsteiger wrote:
> Hi all
> I am running vservers on a headless fc4-x86_64 (the "real" server runs
> at runlevel 3).
> My idea was to install a "virtual graphical desktop environment" (using
> gnome) in the virtual server, then let the users access this system
> remotely using FreeNX.
> Currently I am at the stage of bringing Xorg to life on my virtual
> server, but I'm still not there. Xvfb starts and listens on port 6000,
> but I can't get gnome to work. Do I have to install the Xorg components
> on the main server too? Did anybody else already try out this setup?
> Just in case I'm trying to reinvent the wheel...

I am using xorg with kde for remote desktops as a guest off my workstation
just fine, however I have not tried using xvfb/freeNX.

I am using Xvnc in realvnc 4.1.1 which requires vncviewer run remotely and
disabled xorg's ability to see/use a console. This keeps xorg from running
but xdm still starts and Xvnc becomes the X running when called upon using
the xorg config.

as far as I know xorg does not have to be on the main server as well. I am
running it on the main server simply because the remote desktop guest lives
on my main workstation and I can log into the guest using a vncviewer window.

If this method is of interest, I can post what I did to make it work. It will
require a bit of configuration as it is not a "standard" setup. This
configuration will cancel the X session upon disconnect or logoff and allows
for multiple user logins simultaneously and dynamic resolution / color depth
selections. There is a way to reconfigure it to allow you to return to a
previously running session but I have not tried it as it cancels multiple
simultaneous user ability.

The fact that you have X running remotely is encouraging already. Are you
providing a login manager (GDM/KDM) in your guest system configs for it? In
my system (gentoo) we specify that in /etc/rc.conf and then
load /etc/init.d/xdm which causes the chosen login manager to run. The login
manager needs to have XDCMP and port 177 enabled in its config. From there
the login manager knows how to set up the environment for the installed
windowmanagers which can be selected usually in a pull-down menu.

> Regards
> --Marcel
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