Re: [Vserver] latest stable for gentoo?

From: Benedikt Böhm <>
Date: Wed 15 Mar 2006 - 13:55:46 GMT
Message-Id: <>

On Wednesday 15 March 2006 13:30, Chuck wrote:
> Hi-
> Sorry I haven't been around but my boss has caught the vserver fever and
> has me converting literally *everything* to guests! :)
> I have not had the time to keep up with this list or the website and to be
> honest I don't yet, so I'm going to be lazy and ask.
> I am currently using the following:
> vanilla kernal and patch :
> Gentoo packages for
> util-vserver-0.30.210-r5
> baselayout-vserver 1.11.13-r1
> I see that 2.1.0 was released in Dec. Is this the latest stable?

No. Section Downloads

> What newer kernel(s) will the patch work with?


> I see that the latest kernel in portage is vanilla-sources-2.6.16_rc6
> I may be biting my own tail, but I gave up on the gentoo sources kernels
> due to the extremely heavy patching.

genpatches consists of bugfixes only, the extra patches can all be turned off
with make menuconfig

> I find the vanilla kernels perform
> noticably faster and seem more stable.
> Everything I am running is rock stable so I'm not positive upgrades are
> truly needed but would like to incorporate any other features/fixes my
> above versions may be missing.
> Last question... has any progress been made on the proposed network code
> changes to allow each guest to have a true localhost and more than 16 ip
> addresses without falling apart?

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