[Vserver] Create a guest

From: Albert Shih <shih_at_math.jussieu.fr>
Date: Wed 29 Mar 2006 - 15:14:11 BST
Message-ID: <20060329141411.GA5994@math.jussieu.fr>

Hi all

Maybe very stupid question, but have a server running FC4 with
vserver-patch kernel.

I want launch two guest with same version of linux but I don't want make a
big copy. How can I do that ?

I suppose I can do that with hard link (I've seen this somewhere in
google), but hard link don't work with directory. Is the only solution is
make lots of hardlink ?

Where can I find a documentation for make guest with hard-link ? (or
any solution to make two guest identical to the host and without on samll

Lots of thanks.

Albert SHIH
Universite de Paris 7 (Denis DIDEROT)
U.F.R. de Mathematiques.
7 ième étage, plateau D, bureau 10
Heure local/Local time:
Wed Mar 29 16:10:00 CEST 2006
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