[vserver] Ubuntu Vserver Kernel

From: Christoph Lukas <christoph.lukas_at_gmx.net>
Date: Wed 21 Nov 2007 - 19:41:18 GMT
Message-Id: <1195674078.7056.31.camel@hoss.staad.pingworks.net>


we are using linux vserver as our primary 'virtualization' tool for our
websoftware development work for almost two years now.

This works really great as it enables us to install an exact copy of
every customer's web server system onto our notebooks.

We are using Ubuntu Linux as our preferred host system distribution.

This is where the problem starts. ;)

Every six month when a new Ubuntu version is released we have to build
an Ubuntu-Vserver kernel.

The way I have choosen in the last year was to:
* Install the Ubuntu linux-source package
* Download the most appropriate patch from linux-vserver.org
* Apply the patch
* Fix the rejects
* Use make-kpkg to build a kernel .deb

This has been quite easy for Ubuntu Feisty but preparing the update to
Ubuntu Gutsy some of the rejects were in the vfs layer where I am not
sure if my fix was correct.

Would it be possible that someone with a deeper knowledge of c, kernel
hacking and linux-vserver could review my changes?
I could therefore send a tar containing the .rej files and the 'fixed'
code snippets.

As a trade off we would set up something like an inoffical Ubuntu
repository supplying a kernel-patch, linux-source and linux-image

Thanks for your effort,
Received on Wed Nov 21 19:41:32 2007

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