Re: [vserver] Ubuntu Vserver Kernel

From: PÁSZTOR György <>
Date: Mon 26 Nov 2007 - 21:33:54 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Hi all,

"Christoph Lukas" <> írta 2007-11-26 21:23-kor:
> > So if I can get your sources I could review them and setup a nice repository.
> >
> > Would you be ok wth that?
> Fine with me. :)
> I will send you my scripts in a private mail.
I have script for that at another place:
The whole thing is here:
And my /root/apt/apt-ftparchive/dist/etch/relese.conf file is:

I use this repo in my intranet, and those are not ubuntu oriented
packages, etc. etc. So, when I put my packages onto, I was in hurry...

BTW.: Those scripts are for my private packages, which aren't published
yet. Their purpose are to provide some instant server templates. Eg.: if
someone wants a joomla based server for cms purpose in less than two
minutes, they just fill in one template file, and then creates the new
server. I have to mention that, it doesn't copy a server. It makes a fresh
vserver build, and some customizations after that. It can preseed debconf
settings, etc. customize or restore some mysql or postgres dbs, pre-create
some users, add them to group wheel, etc. whatewer my postinst plugins just
can do.
Is sy interested to use/test them, or I'm the only one who doesn't use
vserver copy for "templates"?

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